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 Hey Ihr Hübschen,

wir möchten sicher stellen, dass Ihr auch zukünftig den Weg zu uns findet. Ab dem 01.01.2024 ziehen wir auf die gegenüberliegende Straßenseite, ca. 150m weg von hier in die:

Weichselstr. 24A

10247 Berlin

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Eure HoH Görls

Hey there lovely folks,

we want to make sure you can still find your way to us in the future.

Starting from January 1st in 2024, we will be moving to the opposite side of the street, approximately 150m from here to:

Weichselstr. 24A

10247 Berlin

We’re looking forward to see you there.

the HoH Team




Während unserer Behandlungen sehen wir davon ab, diese zu unterbrechen um ans Telefon zu gehen. Ihr könnt es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erneut probieren oder uns direkt per E-Mail unter der angegeben Adresse kontaktieren. Wir antworten Euch schnellstmöglich und räumen uns die benötigte Zeit für Eure Anliegen ein. Termine könnt Ihr gerne auf unserer Internetseite buchen.

 Danke für Euer Verständnis.


At Head over Heels, we are here for you - sustainably. Our hairstyling is done with ecologically sound products and our goal is to keep you happy and satisfied for weeks after your visit. Our salon is a place of relaxation where you can feel at ease - no matter whether you wear dreadlocks, a messy bun or a mullet.
We care deeply about our environment which is why we run our salon as sustainably as possible. We use Davines products and have many ideas on how to realise our vision of an environmentally friendly hair salon. For example, most of our products can be refilled directly at our salon. Or you can simply bring us the empty packaging and we will reuse it. You can read more about the Davines philosophy HERE.

Comprehensive and honest consultations are our top priority because we want to do justice to you, your hair and your unique styling needs. This is true for cuts as well as colours, which, by the way, are not only applied professionally, but also as gently as possible.
We do not see ourselves as starry-eyed idealists or proselytisers. Through our choice of materials and resources, we aim to cause as little damage to the environment as possible. No more, no less.

Opening Hours

Sun/Mon: closed
Di/Mi/Do: 10 – 20 Uhr
Fr: 11 – 18 Uhr
Sa: nach Vereinbarung

Die "Helping Heads" sollen Euch bei der Auswahl des individuellen Schnittes behilflich sein.


Head over Heels
Weichselstr. 14
10247 Berlin
Tel. 030 24 17 69 29